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  • Bundle deal consists of:
    – 4 packs of pants (of chosen size)
  • Possibly the thinnest diapers in the market – only 2.0mm in thickness!
  • Proprietary technology for maximum absorbency, minimum bulk
  • Lightweight and flexible for superior comfort and mobility
  • Ultra-thin and breathable, perfect for tropical weather!
  • Absorbs up to 450ml of saline (4-6 hours of average use)*
  • Best suited for day time use
  • Certified Cruelty-Free, and completely vegan!

*Recommended to change once every 3-4 hours

Let There Be Lightness!

Say goodbye to bulging, heavy mornings with patented ultra-thin, hyper absorbent and super-breathable diapers and pants! Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin diapers and pants are designed with a patented fluff-free super-absorbent core providing absorbency that is as good – or even better – than normal diapers, minus the bulk.

No Bulk, All Absorbency

Unique woodpulp-free design ensures no bulging occurs even when diaper is full, with patented technology and 3D embossed topsheet providing never-before absorbency.

Lightweight, Heavy-Duty

Made hyper-thin yet keeps baby dry and comfortable even with long wear; perfect for Malaysian weather!

That Snug, Stretchy Sensation

Flexible, super-soft water repellent waistband and openings ensures a snug fit, without tightness or redness on baby’s waist and limbs!

Wet Once, No Repeats

The woodpulp-free design ensures no rewetting even when diaper is full; super-absorbent core disperses moisture and doesn’t release it, even with movement and impact!

No Breaks, No Leaks

With no woodpulp in the diaper, in addition to double leakguard features, breaks and leaks are a thing of the past.

Full of Love, Free of Chemicals

Made without chlorine, optical brighteners, latex, lotions, fragrances and dyes.

Good to Know

Safety First!

Keep packaging away from babies and children to avoid risk of suffocation. Discard any torn or damaged diapers to avoid risk of choking. Diapers are not flame resistant. Keep diapers away from fire.

Lovingly Made With

Ultra-dry absorbent core, Polyethylene film, super absorbent polymer, polypropylene (core wrap, cuff layer barrier), non-toxic adhesives (seams & joints), polymer spandex leak guard (leg elastic, fastening system), inks free from lead and other heavy metals.

PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan

No product or raw materials have been tested on animals. No animal or animal by-product used in raw materials of product

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Frequently Ask Questions

Are your diapers and pull ups certified?

Yes. All Offspring diapers and pull-ups are certified Cruelty-Free by PETA, which means we do not perform any animal testing on our products or ingredients. Find out our certification with PETA Cruelty-Free here

Is there a reason why your diapers and pull-ups have no wetness indicators?

While we know a wetness indicator provides convenience for parents in letting them know that it’s time for a nappy change, wetness indicators are made with chemicals, and our emphasis on creating the most natural and safest products for you and your loved ones prevents us from including this in our diapers.

Instead, we encourage parents to, whenever possible, change baby’s diapers every 3-4 hours to keep baby dry and clean. And while you’re doing that, here’s a little tip: use our plant-based baby wipes to wipe your baby’s bum and apply our Soothing Nappy Balm on your baby’s during nappy change to keep baby’s delicate area clean and fresh.

How are woodpulp-free or fluffless diapers meant to be better for the environment?

At Offspring, our commitment to sustainability is second only to our dedication to ensuring the safety of our products for use by you and your loved ones. With our fluffless diapers and pull-ups, we avoid using cellulose and woodpulp, helping us save millions of trees.

Since your Featherlite Ultra-Thin diapers do not contain woodpulp, does this affect the absorbency?

While it’s logical to think that Offspring Featherlite diapers may not be able to absorb as much moisture compared conventional ones with fluffpulp, the patented design – and years of research put into the technology – ensures that our 5-layer absorbent core provides faster, better and more efficient absorbency when compared with normal diapers. Don’t just take our word for it – ask for a trial pack and let your little one give it a try!

What is the size and cutting of your training pants?

Our ultra-thin training pants are made with standard size. Please refer to the indicated weight on the package and choose the right size for your baby. Sizes ranging from M(6-11kg), L(9-14kg), XL(12+kg) and XXL (15kg+ to 18kg max). You may order our Trial Pack to gauge the right size for your baby.

Do your diapers and pull-ups contain disposable tape?

Yes! As much as we want our baby pull ups to be disposed in a neat way, we provide 3M disposable tape in our pull ups.

Are your fluffless pull ups safe for my baby and toddler?

Absolutely – that’s why it’s taken years for it to reach the market. Our ultra-thin pull ups and diapers are made without optical brighteners, chlorine, bleaches, dyes, lotions, fragrances or any odour-masking agents. The ink used on the backsheet is also made without heavy metals and lead. Plus, they are Certified Cruely-Free and Vegan – so we’ve put a lot of effort in making them safe for you, your little one and the environment.

What’s the difference, really, between conventional diapers and ultra-thin fluffless diapers?

Every parent knows that when a diaper or pull-up is full, especially in the mornings, a diaper will appear intensely bulky. This is because the woodpulp in conventional diapers has absorbed moisture, causing the pulp to bulk up. Eventually, if baby moves around too vigorously, or sits down with a heavy impact, the inner layer of the diaper is likely to break, creating unsightly bulges and making it more difficult for your little one to move around.

But this isn’t, so to speak, the bulk of it. Fluffpulp in conventional diapers acts similarly to cotton in storing and retaining urine. When the diaper is full, and baby continues to sit or move, it is likely that this may push out moisture from the wet pulp. It’s just like when you squeeze a wet cotton bud – the moisture is released when pressure it applied. In this case, the urine will be expelled from the pulp and back onto baby’s skin, leading to a condition we call ‘compression re-wetting’. The advantage of a fluffless or woodpulp-free diaper like Offspring Featherlite is that it has no fluff for the moisture to gather in, but instead uses a patented technology to disperse the moisture, thus completely avoiding the risk of re-wetting.

How are Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin Diapers & Pull Ups different from others in the market?

Most other diapers and pull-ups are conventionally made with SAP and a wood fluffpulp core. Offspring Featherlite diapers, on the other hand, is designed with SAP and a patented 5-layer hyper-absorbent core that is thinner, lighter and more efficient replacement for pulp – an innovation that produces the perfect balance of lightweight diapers and effective absorbency. Besides that, Offspring puts a lot of emphasis on the little things that we feel pull-ups and diapers should have. Extra soft comfort is one, because babies may, at times, be wearing nappies for a whole day! That’s why our diapers and pull-ups come with a water-repellent, super-soft elastic waistband made of polymer spandex material, a double-layered leakguard that fits snugly and gently around baby’s thighs, and a cloth-like backsheet that provides good ventilation for baby’s skin to breathe, and a luxurious premium quality embossed 3D topsheet that’s the ultimate in dryness and comfort. Finally, we’ve also made it a point to ensure every single ingredient and component is safe for baby – and the environment. All Offspring diapers are made without chlorine, optical brighteners, latex, lotions, fragrances or dyes – even the inks used are plant-based, and free from heavy metals. Our diapers are also among the very few certified as Cruelty-Free and completely vegan, so you can be sure what you’re using is good – in more ways than one.

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